Hi there!

A childish joke turned into a business…

Big Wick was started as a joke because I thought it would be funny to play around with the word “Wick” and the word it rhymes with. Brainstorming some ideas for candle names was even more fun and everybody loved the names, as well as the product, so I kept going with it.

My goal was to create a quality candle that would not only help people relax, but to laugh as well. I’m a firm believer in retaining your immaturity, even as adults, because the world is altogether too uptight. I want people to be constantly reminded that there’s another side to Life, and that’s to laugh and have fun!

Thanks for buying.

– Wick Daddy


About Our Candles

We Use A Proprietary Soy Wax Blend

Our candles are created from American grown soybeans. A benefit of soy wax is that soy beans are completely renewable unlike the forever shrinking oil reserves used to make paraffin wax. In some of our candles, for a more potent fragrance, we do use paraffin wax blended with soy. While sustainability is a major benefit, Our Candles will also burn cleaner and slower than our competitors, while keeping the air soot and chemical free.

We Use Cotton Wicks

We use 100% Cotton Wicks coated in a light layer of soy wax that allows for our candles to maintain a clean burn while maximizing how much scent is ‘thrown’ into the atmosphere. No lead wicks have been used in any candle since the 1970’s when they were outlawed.

Fragrance oils

Our oils are Phthalate Free which has been shown to offer a better blend with wax. This seamless blending will give you maximum scent throw and the cleanest burn.

Some of our fragrances contain essential oils for their respective health benefits.

Our Jars

Our Jars are sourced from American manufacturers. In addition to providing jobs to Americans across this great nation of ours, we take pride in the fact that our jars are 100% recyclable and/or re-usable if you decide to clean them out.

Our Jars are specifically designed to withstand the heat of a candle flame while also keeping the wax well isolated to ensure properly melted wax.

Our Labels

Our Labels are made from weather proof Vinyl sourced from American suppliers and printed in a Union printing shop in Western NY.